Precious Vodka story

The idea originated in 2008 when its originators decided to combine two entirely different worlds of precious stones and the best quality alcohol.

The starting point was the design of a bottle that was conceived as the reverse of the brilliant cut in diamonds. Eventually, after numerous tests, the so-called pre-Tolkowsky cut was selected. In the upper conical part of the bottle, there is a separate place where precious stones from Jewel Lines® collection are placed. At present, five types of gemstones are in the offer: sapphire, ruby, topaz, peridot, and emerald. The company considers extending the stones selection when the offered selection of liquors is extended in the near future.  Quality has been always the priority for the makers of Precious Vodka®. They knew well that Precious Vodka® would never spread its wings even with the most beautiful stone or a bottle refined to the smallest details if it does not contain the alcohol that indisputably surpasses in quality and tastes the offer available on the market and produced by the large distilleries held by the greatest "players" on the market. Therefore, a recipe dating back to the 17th century Poland and found by one of the originators was decided to be used. The whole technological process was modified and adjusted to the modern technology, while the secrets of the old recipe were preserved, which maintained its undisputed uniqueness. What attracts attention first is the nice aroma, but that is nothing compared to the taste. Mildness is the first sensation that distinguishes Precious Vodka® from other high-end vodkas. The next taste sensation is the light sweetness combined with the feeling of bliss, relaxation and the subtle warming effect. These all effects described above, each occurring separately while creating the sensation of fulfillment and unusual pleasure perceived by all senses create the indescribable feeling that you will never experience unless you taste Precious Vodka®. Jewel Lines® has exclusive rights to produce Precious Vodka®, which guarantees that this unique taste is reserved only for Precious Vodka®.    

Only 10% of selected grains from our own crops as well as pure spring water that our Precious Vodka® production is based on guarantee complete uniqueness of sensations related to its consumption.

Distilled at least six times and filtrated with the use of natural diamonds (they are the most precious form of carbon) in the last process, it guarantees satisfaction for all senses. 

. This guarantees that each stone received by you together with a purchased bottle of Precious Vodka® is a real stone. The whole is complemented by the beautiful packaging that draws attention with its meticulous design and elegant look.     


Precious Vodka® delights absolutely in all respects across the whole world. It wins numerous awards and distinctions. Due to its attractiveness, it is available on all continents. And the greatest satisfaction for producers are hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who have experienced themselves this superb feeling resulting from consumption of Precious Vodka®, which literally revolutionized the world of spirits in the ultra-premium category.