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 Build museum 'DOMUS' and bridges between people, bringing them together for  historicl 150th birthday of Canada and 375th anniversary of Montreal in 2017

The world is like a global village right now and the world is very small. We are communicating with many people coming from different countries.We can be creative and use constructive energy when we look  at our roots. That is why Medius BIP presents markets such as Belgium, Italy, Poland etc. Now Canada - Montrealrepresents as home for my small family. Everything started somewhere for  each family. I’ m doing what my mother had done in Poland when my father workedabroad. He was never at home and as a wife of the sailor had no choice but to  become independent. That is what we like to do. Because of the work of my father, we developed interest in tourism, arts and business too. We wish to bring more women in action with new technologies if possible. They represent 50% of the societyand women immigrants can bring a lot for society like Marie Curie Sklowowska did. She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. She was the only woman to win in two fields of science, and the only person to win in multiple sciences. Like Marie Sklodowska, as  immigrants we  have more challenges and "many doors are hermetically closed" for us becouse we have not roots in this land.  That is why we become part of your family to open these doors not only for MediusBIP butspecially for immigrants who wish to bring new energy for this country. We learn  and if some one  like new government gives opportunity for women, they adapt to the changes rapidly. As immigrant  we started running this organization with C$ 600. MediusBIP" is developing new services as well, that is why we request yourcollaboration and PORTPAROLE .  We start follow the pathway of new technologies. We have build solid program but we look for a partner, We this action 2017 we wish  to build permanent  place for work.   We will just now start collaborating will  McGill University. We wish to work together like  Solidarnosc (Solidarity of Poland)

MERCI, Thank you,   


Chelchowska Anna – Medius BIP

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