What others are saying about Precious Vodka

Rynki alkoholowe competition in 2019, in the category of pure vodka in the price of over PLN 100 for 0.7 l. The rivalry was fascinating here, and the Precious Vodka brand won it. Its producer is the Jewel Lines company - so the jewelry design originated from a passion for diamonds and other precious stones. It can be seen immediately after the design of the bottle, which the diamond reminds. Also, in each cap randomly placed precious stone - ruby, emerald, peridot, sapphire, or topaz — everyone with a weight of 1 to 4 carats. So after emptying the bottle, the consumer has an additional value that he can extract for himself from the nut. Distributor Precious Vodka in Poland is the company Ice-Full Sp.c z o.o. - The idea of the brand oduwas created 12 years ago; it has been present on the market for ten years. Precious Vodka made in Bulgaria, in the town of Targoviste. It hits all markets except Asia. It is present even in Australia or in the United States. Besides, her ambassador was Joseph Jackson, the father of Michael Jackson. Last year, Precious Vodka won the gold medal during the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco. The next award confirms only her class - said Marcin Chorzewski from Ice-Full  Sp.z o.o., distributor of the brand and it's representative on the European market.

Awarded by Club of European Integration title of "Bizon of Business" for 2016