GOLD 24 Karat energy drink


We are very proud to introduce and recommend new unique and very noble energy drink Gold® 24 karat.

Gold ®exclusive Drink 24 Karat is an especial drink that breaks the rules, it set itself up as an original and brand new product in the landscape of energetic soft-drinks and meets the approval of more and more customers, in Italy and abroad. But what does it make it so special? Has a stylish graphic dress, that is one-of-a-kind thanks to its unmistakable golden can and its name carved in gold. These elements identify it as something more than just a soft drink, but as a shiny and precious object.Gold’s pleasant tasting, softly sparkling and satisfying flavored, makes it perfect just as it is, or great when mixed with other alcoholic beverages. The uniqueness of the suspended matter inside Gold makes it recognizable everywhere. Thanks to the marvelous scenic impact, especially appreciated both by bartenders and sommeliers.The beauty of packaging, the taste of its content, the uniqueness of its formula make Gold the perfect choice: it is the brand new energy drink that was missing in Italy and all over the world. Share this success with us!

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24 Karat energy drink
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